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Origami Chair

Designed by  Oslo-based designer So Takahashi, The chair is made from folded, powder-coated sheet metal.



What if we try to see objects from a different point of view?

The focus of this design is the point of view itself and the design process to interpret those terms of view point through the ideas above.

The geometry – which people normally would think is scientifically impossible -, is actually possible in common sense although, it is concluded as an impossible world in a fixed idea, and even considered to be a trick.


The Orchid Chair

This lounge chair is part of silence and grace’s first two piece collection, that pays homage to the great designs of 50’s and 60’s using today’s materials and knowledge.

The orchid is a fluent and most important seamless shape, comfortable to sit on and designed with a love for detail.

The natural contours and it’s organic forms inspired by the leaves of an orchid, smoother the body as you sit down and as you lean back the backrest flexes slightly. This un-upholstered lounge chair constructed of a one-piece molded epoxy fiberglass shell (note: an epoxy and bamboo fiber version is also in development) and is mounted on a brushed steel base.

The chair comes with a complementary feather duster to keep the lower part of the chair (which can also be used to store newspapers and magazines) clean and dust free.



Designed by a group of graphic designers from Singapore, FFURIOUS. Daydream is a painting and collage on a massage chair for a Singapore Season in London exhibition.


Herman Miller’s Embody Chair

You thought the Aeron was cool? Wait till you take a seat on Herman Miller’s new Embody chair.

One significant feature of the new chair is an exposed spine-like flexing structure for the backrest. The chair is 96% recyclable. Green energy credits are being used to manufacture the chair at Herman Miller’s plant in Holland, Mich., as part of the company’s goal to be 100% sustainable by 2020.

You can sit sideways by swinging your legs under the arm and have lots of space for shifting and fidgeting in your chair. Narrow “waist” not only looks sexy but also allows your arms to move freely, which opens up your chest cavity and allows you easier breathing.