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Black Stool

A black stool made of anodized aluminium rods by Forrest Myers.



Lost & Found Stools

Each piece has been found and rescued from the streets to be regenerated and produced into items of furniture, reflecting the throw away culture of today and addressing the issue of disregarded furniture. The ‘Lost & Found’ collection is now available on commission for a bespoke items of furniture.


Balloona Stool

Over 500 balloons are tied on a solid wood stool. Designer Natalie Kruch has a penchant for making the ordinary beautiful and intriguing. The Balloona Stool is Natalie’s first object with Umbra, after graduating from the University of Alberta, Canada.


Pogo Stool/Toy

Pogo is a stool and a toy, made in shiny plastic or cork, designed by Joel Escalona. Mini Pogo is money saving pig and a toy. Kids should learn about the value of money. Saving money is one of the first lesson kids should learn. With mini Pogo, kids can save money and when there is enough cash, they can buy a bigger design piece: Pogo stool-toy.