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Prop Table Lamp

The Prop is an acrylic table lamp consisting of three laser cut moulded pieces that radiate from a central triangular form. The manufacturing process used is the reverse to normal acrylic moulding in that the acrylic is laser cut to size first and then moulded to ensure an absolute minimum of wastage from a single sheet.

The low energy light source reflects off the gloss finish of the lamp, playing with perception and the conventions of a typical lampshade.



Fig Leaf

The monumental fig-leaf encrusted doors open to reveal a bronze tree arching up and outward against the background of a peaceful landscape in silk. Each wardrobe requires 616 hand-painted enamel leaves, the largest project of its kind in history. The leaves are painted on both sides, based on an artist’s original watercolour for each of the ten basic shapes. A special method of supporting them, so that no clamp marks were present, had to be developed. The overall size of the larger leaves as well as the enormous surface area to be painted, was originally thought to be impossible to enamel. The enamel is hand painted by a few of the finest enamel painters still working in England. Each leaf is signed on the underside, numbered and recorded in the archives of the production of the Fig Leaf wardrobe.

The glass leaves are uniquely hung on a complicated tangle of hand-formed supporting vines. The tracery structure was created by Atelier de Forge, a traditional iron foundry in rural France. Inside grows a life-like bronze tree which was cast using the lost-wax process and created by Patrick Blanchard, head of sculpture at the École Boulle, Paris. The wardrobe has eight designed and matching bronze hangers. The patination of the bronze was overseen by Chevillard, a specialist in metals founded in 1850, who gave a deep patina reminiscent of a Rodin sculpture.


Lost & Found Stools

Each piece has been found and rescued from the streets to be regenerated and produced into items of furniture, reflecting the throw away culture of today and addressing the issue of disregarded furniture. The ‘Lost & Found’ collection is now available on commission for a bespoke items of furniture.


The House Candleholder

The house candleholder is a contemporary centerpiece for the modern and traditional interior. These stylish holders play on the traditional form of a house, replacing the chimney with a candle.


My Beautiful Backside

‘My beautiful backside’ is a seating collection launched by Moroso during Salone ’08. This range draws upon a miniature painting of a Maharani sitting on the floor of her palace, surrounded and supported by multiples of pebble shaped cushions.



Moonlight’s full globes are a complete sphere of light with a flat bottom that allows the light to sit on a level surface like a deck or floor or attach to a mounting base for installation in a landscape design on the ground on any firm surface. Available in 4 sizes and assorted filters to change the color anytime you wish, the full globe operates on rechargeable batteries, standard plug or hard wired to your household electric.



Muscicapa is designed for a Japanese company Piege, and is a fly catcher.

The special fluorescent lamp attracts flies, then they are caught by sticky tape placed next to it.  No zapping noise, no smell, the sticky tape is not toxic even you touch it by mistake. It is currently only available in Japan.