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Origami Chair

Designed by  Oslo-based designer So Takahashi, The chair is made from folded, powder-coated sheet metal.



Created by Canadian designer Brent Comber, Shattered is a very adaptable collection, lengthening or widening as required. Its flexibility makes it ideal for merchandise display.

Shattered features logs which have been clumped together and cut into geometric forms. This creates an effect that resembles shattered glass or ice.


Prop Table Lamp

The Prop is an acrylic table lamp consisting of three laser cut moulded pieces that radiate from a central triangular form. The manufacturing process used is the reverse to normal acrylic moulding in that the acrylic is laser cut to size first and then moulded to ensure an absolute minimum of wastage from a single sheet.

The low energy light source reflects off the gloss finish of the lamp, playing with perception and the conventions of a typical lampshade.


Monster Unfinished

Pillow cases or monster you decide.


– = +

Designed by Audrey Guillemette, the product is very simple. It’s bicarbonate of soda proposed as a replacement for toxic and expensive house cleaning products. The cardboard package works like a big saltshaker that dredges bicarbonate. Its name is – = +.


Rolling Band-aid

The paper cover for protect adhesion of Band-Aids creates a lot of trash. Thus, one by one type packaged re-designed by roll type form, gives possibility of saving paper covers. Furthermore, shipping expenses will be able to reduce by maximum of one-third.


Milano, Hydraulic Radiator

Milano, Hydraulic Radiator, designed by Tubes Radiatori. Made of steel, the radiator is finished with a flawless painted surface, seen here in cream to coordinate with any contemporary interior.